Highlight of Taipei without cycling – food with friends!

Due to my somewhat curtailed trip to Taipei Cycle Show this year my memories of the week are very different to usual.

Normally I would have an update on any bikes and technology I saw, but this year I managed one brief circuit of the show on the first day in between meetings and then I was out of action as far as work was concerned.

And as for as cycling there was just one brief excursion and I was otherwise limited to watching the city streets – for which I will post a small gallery soon.

But one thing in Taiwan is a constant. You can be tired, jet-lagged, sick or whatever, the hospitality of the Taiwanese means you will be looked after with their trademark hospitality and generosity, come what may.

So although I don’t seem to have much evidence of real work (very embarrassing) it appears my lasting impression of Taipei 2017 is a photo-gallery of foodie sights and of meals with friends who whizzed us around even after I was unwell, only taking steps to make sure the transport arrangements were gentle on the old git.

And what a variety.

Street foods and farmers’ markets for tasty snacks and exotic fruits.

Western fine dining with an Asian Twist.

As guests of Vicky Yang from the Cycling Lifestyle Foundation we were treated to an almost secret Sashimi bar, nearly a private dining experience with just twelve bar seats up against the counter watching the chef prepare each exquisite piece of fish in minute detail, the closing it off with the typical toasted tofu in red kidney bean – not a set of flavours we would normally put in a western dessert.

And up in the green hills to the south of Taipei is Maokong, popular for visitors who go up to the zoo or take tea at one of the many tea houses that cover the hills.

Photo by Kevin MayneWe were taken for a gentle lunch to a favourite of our host Sabrina, almost in it’s own private valley with the tea growing in front of us.

Photo by Kevin Mayne


Photo by Kevin MayneThere we not only drank some really tasty tea (and bought souvenir tea sets) but enjoyed an excellent lunch with a range of spicy plates.

Foodie memories – always something to savour in Taiwan thanks to our wonderful hosts.