Exploring the neighbours – Luxembourg short break

Luxembourg Old town and Kirchberg Luxembourg Eglise St Jean BaptisteLuxembourg Grund


One of the real benefits of being in Belgium is the near proximity to our neighbours. Luxembourg City is just over a couple of hours South-West of us by train so it was an easy choice for a short break as neither of us had been to the country before.

It is also a very attractive train trip because it fringes the Ardennes which means a pattern of fields, villages and valleys which were looking very green after the recent rain.

Luxembourg Viaduc View

Once we got there we found the city lived up to its reputation as one of the most scenic capital cities in Europe. The old city is set on on the high escarpment above a steep ravine which loops around the city centre. In the ravine rivers, gardens and where it widens out a complex of old fortifications and church buildings around Eglise St Jean.

The city itself was an attractive mix of pedestrian streets, old buildings and very up-market shops which reflected the affluence of the country. Photographically it was an extremely enjoyable place to be because the differing levels and angles and the tiny details of the architecture always presented a new opportunity whether it was buildings seen from above or the skyline and the ever present spires of the cathedral above.Luxembourg River Alzette and Eglise St Jean

Luxembourg Casement Gardens

The greenery of the valleys was particularly attractive set against the sandstone of the cliffs and the colours of the buildings.

The city is incredibly compact and it was very quiet these two days so we were able to just wander from the station and round the old town extremely easily making it very enjoyable visit.

Thoroughly recommended. Enjoy the gallery.

Luxembourg Hotel de Ville Luxembourg Constitution Square View Luxembourg Street Scene 2Luxembourg Street sceneLuxembourg skylineLuxembourg Place Guillaume IILuxembourg Chemin de la Corniche Luxembourg Bank Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg Cathedral Notre Dame Luxembourg Luxembourg Government Quarter Luxembourg Rue Marche Aux HerbesLuxembourg River Alzette Grund Luxembourg Constitution Square View (2)

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    • Don’t we all.

      However Belgium is particularly good because of it’s location and relatively small size, it makes it seem very easy to “go abroad”.

      I don’t think the blog will be drying up soon, I have whole backlog of trips to get through.

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  1. great pictures Kev,perhaps you can get a job with the tourist board as we all want to visit now!


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