Favourite cycling photos of 2015


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To complement the small selection of nice travel and home photos that I published two days ago I now compiled a similar selection of 2015 cycling shots. Many of the travel shots were also taken on bike rides around the … Continue reading

A president said it and 19 Ministers agreed “nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride”


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Those of my readers who also follow cycling politics in Europe should know by now that this was a huge week for the organisation I work for. On Wednesday we were in Luxembourg for the first ever EU Cycling Summit, … Continue reading

Sometimes you get served a plate of food that just makes you go “Wow”

“Pinces de crabe” A plate of crab claws.

I have a fondness for crab. It was something we had occasionally as a treat when we were kids. There was a sort of ritual to the family pulling it apart and attacking the legs with nutcrackers to get the favourite meat. And the the Belgians and Luxembourgers love it too, good seafood is a popular part of the diet, almost every town and market has a fishmonger.

So when we were treating ourselves to a meal at a nice fish restaurant in Luxembourg a couple of weeks ago i was tempted by the idea of a plate of crab claws with salad as a nice summer dish. I was expecting a couple of the big ones claws and the a battle with the small claws, maybe with a little greenery and some mayonnaise on the side?

Then the plate turned up.

Brasserie Guillaume Luxembourg

Thank you Brasserie Guillaume, which I can report also has a very good fish counter and excellent carpaccio. Not the cheapest place in town but an excellent treat.