2015 – favourite photos of the year

Several of the bloggers I follow are summarising their year with a few of their favourite or most viewed posts.

I thought I would do something a little simpler by picking out some of my favourite photos of the year, the ones that make me smile every time I see them. Returning to this post is going to be a long term pleasure.

And for this occasion I won’t reduce them in size and quality to fit the needs of WordPress, so if you click on them you should be able to see the full quality image.

Today the home, travel and art, tomorrow I will try to fund just a few favourite cycling shots.

Photo by Kevin Mayne

New Year’s Day 2015, Lasne

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Wonderful hospitality of my hosts in Taiwan March 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneThe peace and tranquility of the Nanyuan One Resort, Taiwan March 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneHaspengouw blossomfields near St Truiden, Flanders April 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneThe coast of North Cyprus – May 2015 – blog post to be published shortly!

Photo by Kevin Mayne

The view over Neerijse, Flanders, from the Round Flanders Cycle Route. May 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneBicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo – June 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneTwo of my favourite re-enacters – Waterloo 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneTreehouses of Bruges – Trienniale August 2015

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Sunset over the canals of Bruges, August 2015

Photo by Kevin Mayne

The sculptures of the Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, August 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneAutumn colours at Aywiers, Lasne, Belgium. October 2015

Photo by Kevin MayneBurgas, Bulgaria. October 2015

Photo by Kevin Mayne

A great day’s cycle touring in Copenhagan gave lovely sea views. October 2015.

Photo by Kevin MayneLike a Monet painting by the Basingstoke Canal near Woking, England. October 2015

Photo by Kevin Mayne

Celebration of the Rugby World Cup Final October 2015

And to end the year another of the glorious sunsets and sunrises over Belgium that seem to be an almost daily occurrence, especially with this record mild December.

Photo by Kevin Mayne


5 thoughts on “2015 – favourite photos of the year

  1. That looks like a better than decent year to me. Favourite photo is the one of the birds on the road (no matter how many special events you get to sometimes the view just around the corner is the most special). A very Happy New Year to you.


    • Thanks

      That first new year’s day photo has been the first to be liked on Facebook too. As you say – round the corner does it.

      Mind you, I think the birds will be on sun loungers this year, not a spot of ice in sight.

      Happy New Year

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