Podcasting with Freifahrt – a personal look at lobbying for cycling


We all have a bit more time to try different ways of communicating at the moment, so this week I was really pleased to join Freifahrt podcast host Sebastian Hofer for a chat about what is happening in cycling lobbying at the moment.

The longer form of the podcast allows for a more reflective tone than some of the speeches and webinars I normally make, so it was really nice to be able to talk more informally with Sebastian around some of my wider thoughts on the subject and to answer his questions about my cycling roots. My Mum and Dad should be pleased, they even get a mention!

Readers of my blog may be familiar with my unofficial ramblings, but here’s an opportunity to share it in “chat show” style. Thanks very much to Sebastian for the invitation.

Note – most of the Freifaht (Free travel) podcasts are in German and Sebastian’s intro is in German – but you have got the right link, my bit is in English!

Bikenomics: cycling, business and the economy.

https://i0.wp.com/www.citytech.eu/images/citytech_president_eng.pngI should be in Milan today talking about the economics of cycling. I was really looking forward to it, we have a good panel, an interesting venue and one of cycling’s current hot topics.

I also had enough time to actually explore Milan a bit too which I was really looking forward to blogging about, especially the city bike share and the congestion zone.

However…… due to last week’s stupid fall I am a bit too battered to travel, which is deeply frustrating. I have sent them over a presentation with a recorded voiceover that I will probably put up on the ECF web site in due course. However this was also the subject of a discussion on our second radio show and podcast over at BikeTalk in Los Angeles.

In the last podcast we heard that I might be part of a global conspiracy to impose cycling on the reluctant citizens of Los Angeles.

This time we spent an interesting hour mulling over the arguments for and against cycling from an economic and business perspective. The first part of the discussion was all about battling objections as the LA based cycling advocates hit the barrier of local businesses campaigning against a bike lane, then we moved into a broader discussion about making the case for cycling.

Fellow guests were Michael Andersen of People for Bikes, Portlandian author Elly Blue, Memphis business owner/cyclist Pat Brown, LA “Flying Pigeon” author Josef Bray-Ali, and Midnight Ridazz founder Don Ward.

Right at the conclusion you can discover that we might have now moved on from global conspiracy to the Arab Spring, so that could be a positive step!

You can stream it or download it from this page, along with a wide collection of other cycling content.

Thanks to Nick at Bike Talk for the invitation.to speak once again.

I am part of a United Nations led global cycling conspiracy – allegedly. Fun podcasting in LA

A few weeks ago I enjoyed the experience of becoming a cartoon. Now I became a podcaster and discovered I was part of a global conspiracy all at the same time.

I enjoyed this media experience when I joined a great bunch of cycling promoters to become part of the Biketalk podcast series on Los Angeles  KPFK 90.7 FM via a phone-in earlier this week.

It was quite US focussed as the main aim was to discuss how bike lanes can get rolled out across the US, especially for the frustrated co-host Josef of Flying Pigeon cycle shop in LA who has clearly been hitting some really nasty brick walls in his local advocacy.

I’ll therefore forgive one of my co-speakers who suggested 80% of Europe was no fun to be a cyclist because we don’t have segregated cycle lanes everywhere, but you get the drift.

This could become a regular series – I’ll keep you posted.

Josef’s blog and link to the podcast here