It’s the weekend – shed your monster! I’m going to, how about you?

Wonderful stuff again from our friends at People for Bikes in the US.

This is so me.

To be added to my cycling video library and shared with lots of friends.

See you in the shed.

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“The Quiet Season” – beautiful cycling film

Those of my followers who are also members of CTC, the UK cyclists’ charity, will have received a link to this lovely short cycling film in their weekly news email this week.

Editor Julie Rand wrote:

The beautiful, lyrical film from the US that explores the joy and solace of long, country rides

I couldn’t agree more, it feels like some of the rides in my blog set to music and poetry.

Great way to start the weekend Julie, thanks.

I am part of a United Nations led global cycling conspiracy – allegedly. Fun podcasting in LA

A few weeks ago I enjoyed the experience of becoming a cartoon. Now I became a podcaster and discovered I was part of a global conspiracy all at the same time.

I enjoyed this media experience when I joined a great bunch of cycling promoters to become part of the Biketalk podcast series on Los Angeles  KPFK 90.7 FM via a phone-in earlier this week.

It was quite US focussed as the main aim was to discuss how bike lanes can get rolled out across the US, especially for the frustrated co-host Josef of Flying Pigeon cycle shop in LA who has clearly been hitting some really nasty brick walls in his local advocacy.

I’ll therefore forgive one of my co-speakers who suggested 80% of Europe was no fun to be a cyclist because we don’t have segregated cycle lanes everywhere, but you get the drift.

This could become a regular series – I’ll keep you posted.

Josef’s blog and link to the podcast here