Tour de Namur Cyclo 2015 – classic route in the beautiful spring countryside of Wallonia. With added Triple Mur. That’s a lot of Mur.


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© sportograf Last Saturday’s ride was the latest in a casual series where a few of us that work in transport cycling and also enjoy some sporty touring get together for a thrash round the Belgian countryside. This time was … Continue reading

The moments you don’t get with any other form of commuting except cycling?

Photo Kevin MayneAbout 7.30 in the morning.

Suddenly I am just caught by a moment.

Morning sunlight on the soft gentle greens of newly opened beech leaves.


Peace and reflection.

If I didn’t commute to work by bike how could I have had such a moment?

In case you think I am far too smug about my rural commute I can report that 20 minutes later I was in the snarl of Brussels traffic and the sunlight was replaced by rain. But what is important is that I can forget that, but I won’t forget the uplift I got from my moment of magic.

I hope you had a moment like that as part of your day. You are one of the lucky people.

Day out in blossom country – Belgium’s beautiful Haspengouw


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I fulfilled a small Belgian ambition yesterday. Ever since I went cycling in Limburg last summer and discovered the beautiful region of the Haspengouw I have been looking forward to going back in spring to see the blossom season. We … Continue reading

Nanyuan, Taiwan – harmony and relaxation in a misty mountain setting


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Catching up on the last details of my March trip to Taiwan here is a gallery of photographs from the One Resort, an amazing complex set high in the hills above Hsinchu, a city about 30 minutes travel south from … Continue reading

It’s the weekend – shed your monster! I’m going to, how about you?

Wonderful stuff again from our friends at People for Bikes in the US.

This is so me.

To be added to my cycling video library and shared with lots of friends.

See you in the shed.

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