Dutch bicycles at home. A visit to the Royal Gazelle factory in Dieren, Netherlands


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I recently published a short article on the ECF web site about my visit to the newly opened extension to the home of Royal Gazelle bikes in Dieren, Netherlands. Link by clicking the picture or here It was a thoroughly … Continue reading

From thought provoking to bonkers: Part 3. Arnhem’s giant pink party aardvark. Yes, seriously.


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My short series of sculpture posts has done thoughtful treehouses in Bruges, love and affection in Oslo. So now we come to the grand finale. A giant pink party aardvark has apparently passed out on the sidewalk in the Dutch … Continue reading

From thought provoking to bonkers: Part 2. Love, affection, sensuality, play and respect in Oslo’s Vigeland Sculpture Park


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This is the second of three short blog posts about sculpture. The previous piece and the introduction to is contained in a first post from Bruges in Belgium. The second post really works well as a photo gallery, because words … Continue reading

From thought provoking to bonkers: Part 1, Tree houses in Bruges


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This is the first of three short blog posts about sculpture. Not a subject I expected to be writing about much in a largely cycling blog but in the past few weeks I have been treated to some superb outdoor … Continue reading

If you own the bike company why not ride to work on a Tour de France ready superbike?


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One of the amusing diversions at our recent Bike2work event at Eurobike was guessing what bikes the company CEOs would ride. In theory it was a bit complicated. They all had to drag themselves out of hotels all over the … Continue reading

Moon and Venus over morning mist – beautiful start to the day

Lasne, Belgium, WalloniaWhat a stunning sight to start my morning.

The darker mornings are giving a hint of autumn, but today the gloom of the last few days lifted so Venus was visible beside a crisp crescent moon as I stepped out the door. It was so breathtakingly beautiful I called my wife to come and look.

My little camera really cannot do it justice, but take a small drop of imagination to conjure up absolute silence, stillness and the cool of the morning. Lovely.

British cycle tourist in the Netherlands – what I’m really thinking


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“Nice cyclepath”           “Oh look, lots of Dutch cyclists behaving normally”         “Bikes”           “Wow, driver stopped for cyclists”             “Windmill!” “Nice cyclepath”   … Continue reading